24 de diciembre de 2023

Nauset Beachcombing, December 23 low tide

A nice late December day, we finally had about a free hour in the late afternoon. We got to Nauset Beach pretty close to low tide. I've really only just started beach combing recently... an offshoot of inatting. It's a lot more enticing when there's hope that someone will know what I might find. Most of my previous outings were either close to my neighborhood along the Nantucket Sound, or on Cape Cod Bay in the Brewster area. Nauset is less protected than those areas... a definite ocean beach with pretty good surf. We hiked north of the parking lot, and found many interesting things. We probably only made it a half mile at most before turning back. There are enough observations that I can't identify that I'm writing my first journal post to keep them all together. For instance, what is this thing!?


We found a couple of masses of fish (?) eggs:

Whatever are in the second observation were moving about inside the eggs.

This may be Sea Vomit. I was not about to touch this with my bare hands.
A fish skeleton:
A fresher skate egg capsule than I've ever seen:
A lobster claw:
Some Bryozoans:

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