Flora of Denmark WA - Taxandria

Taxandria from the Latin tax, arranged and andrus, male. Refers to the stamens arranged regularly opposite the petals and sepals.

The following table lists the Taxandria species which are shown by Florabase to have been collected in Denmark Shire. The second column shows whether the species was included in the book Flora of the South West and under what name if different.

Taxandria Species of Denmark WA
Species Included Notes
conspicua ssp. conspicua Yes As Agonis conspicua
fragrans Yes As Agonis sp. “Coarse Agonis”
Nuytsia 16:418 (2007)
inundata Yes As Agonis sp. “Lake Jasper”
Nuytsia 16:420–422, Fig. 5f-j (2007)
Yes As Agonis juniperina
(Swamp Peppermint)
Yes As Agonis linearifolia
Yes As Agonis marginata
parviceps Yes As Agonis parviceps
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