Field-caught reptiles selling on craigslist and other platforms is getting ridiculous

Hi folks,

I am sadly, seeing a huge percentage of herps on craigslist being local ones, some of the time the owner actually admits to capturing him for sale. It seems like even though the law is there (banning selling of wild herps), in most states, the law is not enforced. I've seen a huge amount of listings of wild animals, most of which are salamanders and Sceleporus species (better known as "blue-bellies"). Does anybody know if people that sell herps like this, actually get told anything? It seems like they get away with it despite warnings from people like me. Please discuss, I'm interested to know more about this black-market.

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Surely you have some authority you can report them to?

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Jensen, T.J., Auliya, M., Burgess, N.D. et al. Biodivers Conserv (2019) 28: 1.
Exploring the international trade in African snakes not listed on CITES: highlighting the role of the internet and social media

"... Furthermore, the internet and social media are shown to play an increasing role in the trade of exotic reptiles. We found 2.269 wild caught live African snakes from 42 species, present in 15 African countries, to have been advertised for sale between 2013 and 2017. Traded species were predominately venomous and the 23 most traded species were not CITES listed. Three main hubs for the live snake trade occur on the African mainland: Tanzania, Togo, and Egypt. ..."

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Yes, I'm in the process of reporting to the authorities. However it seems like it does no good.

Wow, that's certainly a relevant article Tony, sad that so many go straight into the black market.

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