2023 plan

A Directory of Illinois Nature Preserves (INP) was published in 1995. There are 236 in that book. I have written notes on my visits to 110 of those 236 and I have recollection of being at a couple more. There are now over 300 INP (tough to find total on IDNR website.). I decided I would like to add 10 or more to my personal list in 2023. I visited few west of McHenry Co. so I plan to start in Boone, work my way to Jo Daviess and then head to Hancock Co. before returning to Chicago. I am thinking of a 4-7 day trip. I would appreciate suggestions, especially, impressive preserves that have been added since 1995.

Posted on 07 de febrero de 2023 by dennis_nyberg dennis_nyberg


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