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24 de mayo de 2022

Using iNat to record biodiversity in my garden

Starting with existing obs. Mostly - what is this bug?

70 is leaf taxa, i.e., taxa coarser than species are being counted as species themselves if no descendent species have been observed by you
The 57 is species only - from @thebeachcomber

A grey rainy day today, but when the sun returns I will work thru adding missing species. Very curious to see how many I can achieve.

If I focus on biomass the inherited carob tree wins at about 50%.

But I have trees and shrubs to add from this list. About 35 species so far.

Tiny urban forest

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27 de mayo de 2022

Elephant's Eye on False Bay

I have a new project for the biodiversity in my garden. Some inherited exotic commonorgarden, my fynbos additions, with volunteer plants, small life and birds.
57 species (and 70 including the broader higher leaf taxa)

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