25 de enero de 2023

West Coast, EP. - 26.1.2023

Did a couple of dives around Point Drummond yesterday.

One on the south side at the boat ramp area next to picnic beach and another at Hall Bay.

Entry at the boat ramp was easy, however the slight WSW swell made for surgey conditions and low vis. Felt very spooky. Lots of seaweed variety on the rocks, some big fish (couldn't identify or get good pictures of), a juvenile eagle ray, and some sea-stars. Max depth 5m

Dive at Hall Bay was much better, area is very protected and conditions were much better.

Bottom was very grassy, some deep holes, not a lot of activity. Few big strongies and that was it.
Max depth 5m

Hiking down the cliff at Halls with scuba gear on is not recommended.


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