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27 de marzo de 2020

MPNR 14/3/2020

Very good day. At least 200 oriental partincoles flew over Gei Wai #16/17. o-partincole is a common spring passage migrant of HK. However, there was only 20-30 partincoles pass MPNR every year. 200 is a very large number. Also, there was a far eastern curlew. It is an endanger species. Uncommon passage migrant of HK. Gull billed tern and Caspian tern has arrived. They are common spring passage migrant of HK. Another side, a golden headed cisticola was at TKC Rd. TKC Rd is full of fish pond. The wetland provides a lot of food and living environment for perching birds. Sometimes, pied kingfisher used the pond for fishing.

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