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10 de marzo de 2020

Dec 2019 - Sulawesi, Indonesia (moth observation upload pending)

The destination for our 2019 year end butterfly trip is Sulawesi and our target was to photograph the Sulawesi Giant Swordtail - Graphium androches.

We visited Kali waterfall, Ranowawa waterfall and Tangkuku National Park in the north, Bantimurung National Park in the south and photographed many endemic, magnificent and gorgeous butterflies.

Graphium codrus , Delias rosenbergi

Moduza lymire, Euploea redtenbacheri

I added 420 observations and 160+ species from Sulawesi to iNaturalist.
For butterflies I have added 50+ new species to Sulawesi butterfly list on iNaturalist

The black sand beach of Tangkoko National Park.

North Sulawesi : 109 species and 240+ observations

South Sulawesi : 100 species and 210+ observations

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