28 de febrero de 2012

Lake Elizabeth in Fremont

Took a walk around Lake Elizabeth in Fremont Central Park while toting my camera along. It was my first trip to this location. Its a small lake with an interesting shape and a path around it. I was surprised by the abundance of wildlife. Much more than one usually sees in a city park.

Many California Ground Squirrels living in lakeside burrows and tunnels dug under tree roots were all around the lake. I saw 3 Black-crowned Night Herons in the trees above a small stream running on the other side of the path from the lake. Also, there were egrets and a good variety of water fowl all around the lake. American coots were present in the hundreds, and a good variety of ducks and geese. A large dark frog just barely escaped the lens of my camera and jumped into the lake before I could get a shot of it. There were some large carp swimming in the water.

Photographed 15 species during my walk around the lake.

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