Spring is starting, and I'm going to try out an idea that I've had for a while. In trying to identify various caterpillars from around North America, I get to see what species are booming at certain times of year. I'll be trying to keep a record of those events in journal form. Nothing fancy, but it might be interesting for comparisons from year to year.

The winter we had in the Texas was very mild this year so I'm starting to see some early dart and cutworm moth larvae reports.

Florida seems to be reporting quite a few Isabella Tiger moth (Pyrrharctia isabella) larvae already, along with some Erinnyis sphinx caterpillars.
Lots of tiger moths are being reported in California, Silver-Spotted Tiger moths (Lophocampa argentata) and what might be Apantesis ursina down the coast. There are also lots of Checkerspots being found in California. There have also been a couple of reports of the Pacific Green Sphinx (Proserpinus lucidus) larvae there.
The Northeastern and Great Lakes area have submitted some observation of tiger moth larva in the last few days, some of which are Isabella tigers.

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I saw cutworm caterpillars in mid-February here in greater Houston. No photos so no iNat report but I made a note in my personal nature journal. Definitely seeing various adult species in flight---giant swallowtail, sulphurs, a questionmark, and a moth...last two in my iNat obs. I'll be out more this weekend and hope to get an idea of what is around here! I keep checking updates for Texas sightings and not much is being added.

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Houston is great for caterpillars, especially the Salt Marsh moths which seem to be all year round. Spring is beginning to spring!

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