Burleson Bioblitz THIS Saturday!

Hey iNat friends!
You may or may not have been out to the Coyote Loop in Burleson, Texas, but it is a GREAT little prairie remnant to explore and Burleson's only 'nature park'!

We have hosted bioblitzes here in the past, however this one is pretty cool as the Burleson Parks Department has partnered with us to host it! I really want to show them that naturalists from ALL over DFW enjoy parks like this one-- so hopefully they will manage it with nature in mind. :)

Would love to see you this Saturday at 10am. Rio Brazos TMN members will be joining the crew and somehow we managed to wrangle @sambiology into the fun! ;) aka this wouldn't be happening without him!!

Please comment or message me for details!

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Super excited! :)

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The project boundaries didn't quite pick up all of the observations (sometimes the GPS is off on phones, so the observation doesn't show up within the polygon), so here is a good custom boundary that shows everything that was documented today:
Despite some wet and cool temps, we still had a pretty good showing of folks! :)

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once I can get to a computer I will post all my observations!

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