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06 de julio de 2019

Patriotic Odonates

I had some time to explore today, the day after July 4th. Apparently the dragonflies were celebrating yesterday, too!

Libellula croceipennis, Neon Skimmer

Plathemis lydia, Common Whitetail

Libellula incesta, Slaty Skimmer

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27 de julio de 2019

Save the date - Kimberlie's 2nd Annual Birthday BioBlitz!!

I've had several questions lately about whether I'm going to make my Birthday BioBlitz an annual event. Well, heck YEAH!

More info will follow as it gets closer, but it will be similar to last year's event. (Daylight bioblitz followed by mothing at the same location, Overton Ridge Park in Keller. Open to anyone and everyone.)

So, in the meantime, mark your calendars as BUSY for Saturday, September 28th from 5-10pm(-ish).

Here's what we saw last year:

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