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05 de abril de 2021

Dive #470 - Cottam Point - 7 March 2021

The tides were just right for Cottam, so I got up early to meet for 9am. But I forgot my perscription mask. The non-perscription mask seemed okay on the surface, but was trippy to look through underwater. I was dizzy and had to shut my eyes briefly for the first 20 minutes or so. Then my brain settled down and it was okay.

Sea lions checked us out throughout the dive. 2 BUD OCTOPUS living 3m apart! (More evidence for my future PhD on GPOs that are Buds). I had found a full PSKC molt shell, and wiggled it in front of the den of the more curious GPO - an arm shot out... "MINE!" but quickly figured out it was a molt.

Good to see abalones around, and 4 ling cod egg masses.

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