Notes on Ephemeroptera

"The Heptageniidae family contains the angler's "clinger" type mayfly nymphs commonly referred to as "Flat Heads" by entomologists. They sport flattened profiles, blunted broad heads, and stout legs suitable for life in fast water. Their flattened tear drop shape is a "miracle" of nature's hydrodynamic engineering employing the same principles used by Formula One race cars to hug the road and reduce wind resistance."

Genera in family Heptageniidae (iNaturalist):
Genus Afronurus
Genus Anepeorus
Genus Cinygma
Genus Cinygmula
Genus Ecdyonurus
Genus Electrogena
Genus Epeorus
Genus Heptagenia
Genus Iron
Genus Ironodes
Genus Leucrocuta
Genus Maccaffertium
Genus Macdunnoa
Genus Nixe
Genus Raptoheptagenia
Genus Rhithrogena
Genus Rhitrogena
Genus Spinadis
Genus Stenacron
Genus Stenonema

Publicado el 21 de diciembre de 2017 17:42 por mattgeo1990 mattgeo1990


Do fly fisherman make flys that pretty closely mimic particular genera??? Way cool if so!

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 6 años

Sam, they sure do! It's called "matching the hatch".

Publicado por mattgeo1990 hace casi 6 años

Fascinating! I’ve met only one person that makes his own flies, and he showed me a few — they’re amazingly intricate. It surprises me that a trout could tell the difference... Or, perhaps the flies are just fun to make. :)

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 6 años

The truth is, it is a little bit of both. :)

Publicado por mattgeo1990 hace casi 6 años

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