Mosses - basic understanding

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Yeah, there are tons of good resources out there for whatever stage of familiarity you have. I recommend starting with both the Ohio Moss and Lichen Association webpages as well as the British Bryological Society. Of the former, their Bryology 101 will give you a fairly advanced understanding of terms, morphology, and taxonomy rather quickly. The Common Ohio mosses page is an excellent primer on the most common mosses of the US (not just Ohio). It’s worth checking out their liverwort pages too.

The Learning section of the BBS website is also highly recommendable as a starting place, though not as brief as the former website, it is more polished and comprehensive. Also, their taxon database (they call it “species finder”) is immensely helpful, even if we don’t share 15-30% of their taxa here in North America.

There are some good resources here on iNat, too. Especially for the Pacific NW (though also helpful elsewhere!), @rambryum has a number of very helpful posts on bryologizing tips/tricks as well as taxa guides that are absolutely worth checking out.

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