Western Solomon's plume

Moss, Flora of Alberta (2nd edition), mentions variation of ssp amplexicaule "in our area" (p. 182), but doesn't say anything more about how this variation distinguishes itself. These are all fruiting now, but are there easy to recognize differences?

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it depends which reference you look at. Some references split this out as a subspecies, some as a species. VASCAN accepts Maianthemum amplexicaule (Nuttall) W.A. Weber at the species level (not just as a subspecies) (https://data.canadensys.net/vascan/name/Maianthemum%20amplexicaule), but the Flora of North America (FNA) separates it out at the subspecies level. I chose to recognize it because later the records can be more easily split, if it is pulled out as a separate species.

From FNA, M. racemosum racemosum is an eastern taxon, M. racemosum amplexicaule western, with some overlap in central US. Here is the key from the Flora of North America (FNA) (http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=1&taxon_id=242101759).

Stems erect; leaves sessile, clasping, blade base rounded; apex of third leaf below inflorescence acute, shorter than 2 mm; w North America. subsp. amplexicaule
Stems arching; leaves petiolate, blade base tapered; apex of third leaf below inflorescence caudate, 12–25 mm; e North America. subsp. racemosum

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