20 de julio de 2022

Long-tailed Tit

Long-tailed Tit Generally
The Long-tailed Tit was first classified as a true tit of the Parus group.
Parus has since been split from the Aegithalidae, with the latter becoming a distinct family containing three genera:
• Aegithalos (long-tailed tits), five species including A. caudatus
This is a sub-species of the only representative of the Aegithalidae in northern Eurasia. The Long-tailed Tit exhibits complex global variation with 17 races recognised; and in this part of Europe including the British Isles can be divisible into three groups that are represented

  1. The A. c. caudatus group in northern Europe and Asia. Members of A. c. caudatus have a pure white head. Usually referred to as the Northern Long-tailed Tit.
  2. The A. c. europaeus ~ found generally in southern and western Europe. This is the group that includes the A. c. rosaceus ~ found occasionally in the British Isles ~ the British Long-tailed Tit. This sub-species is on the endangered list.
  3. the A. c. alpinus group in Mediterranean Europe and south-west Asia.

The British Long-tailed Tit … A. c. rosaceus ~ found occasionally in the British Isles*.
*As above, The British long-tailed Tit, subspecies classification A. c. rosaceus, belongs to the A. c. europaeus group. Separating A. c. rosaceus with certainty from other members of the A. c. europaeus group though is problematic, relying on : varying thickness of the crown stripes; and the amount of streaks and colour on the underparts.. Moreover, where the groups meet there are extensive areas occupied by very variable ‘hybrids’.

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