05 de junio de 2018

iNat is making the difference

We looked at the flower with measles making very little progress in its ID, and idly flipping through the guidebooks helped but little. It was time for a more systematic approach. First, we looked in the Plant Families guide (GPFSA) and concluded it could be Group 4, and then it is possible it might be Buchu (RUTACEAE). Back to the guidebooks Manning: Fynbos being the most useful and worked through that family: promising but not conclusive. The next step was to search for RUTACAE in the Baviaanskloof in iNat. It turned out that there were observations of Agathosma by Mr Fab (ably assisted by the lady in the red dress no doubt) and Nicky which fitted leaves and flowers exactly. Bingo.

Without iNat and its searching, a mapping features we would not have got there. Needless to say, the paper-based resources also played a role. A treasure hunt with a happy ending.

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