18 de octubre de 2023

Washington Park Walk, October 15, 2023

I walked around Washington Park for about 45 minutes. The weather was very cloudy and it started to rain towards the end of my walk. One of the first plants I observed was a little piece of moss, that probably belongs to the Bryophyta group of non-vascular plants. I have seen moss before but this one looked tiny compared to the others I have seen. I only found one flower which was a dandelion, that is part of the angiosperm group. Dandelions are my favorite flowers and I like that they are easy to find around here. The other 2 groups were harder to find but I think I found one for each group, Polypodiopsida and Gymnosperms. I had to google examples of plants that are part of these groups to help me find similar ones on my walk. This reminded me of the class trees that were mentioned in class and I was able to understand them better. Overall, I enjoyed learning about the plants in the 4 different groups and trying to locate at least one plant for each.

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02 de octubre de 2023

Chestnut Hill Reservoir Walk, October 2, 2023

I walked around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir for about 45 minutes. The weather was sunny with clear blue skies. At the start of my walk, I spotted what looked like a group of portabella mushrooms near a tree. As I kept walking down the trail I spotted a couple of lichens and they looked somewhat different. This made me think about what the phylogenetic trees would look like for these different types of lichens based on what we went over in class. As I finished my walk I found a weird-looking fungus that looked like popcorn. It was my first time ever seeing something like this. Overall, I really enjoyed my walk and was able to experience a lot of biological diversity near the Reservoir.

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24 de septiembre de 2023

Boston Public Garden Walk, September 23, 2023

I walked around the Boston Public Garden and the Boston Common Park for about an hour. The weather was rainy and gloomy, and I thought that I would not come into contact with much wildlife but I was mistaken. As soon as I arrived I observed a group of squirrels digging in the soil, and right beside them was a group of geese that were walking around. As I kept walking around the pond I noticed a couple of pigeons that were nearby that were eating what seemed to be some sort of insects. This made me think about how pigeons might experience allopatric speciation through dispersal because some of them had bigger beaks and some had smaller ones. The weather started to get a little better as I walked towards the Boston Common Park. While I was at the park I noticed some weird plants that were growing in between the concrete and decided to take photos of them. I ended my walk by going back towards the park on an opposite route and was able to enjoy the beauty of the wildlife and greenery that coexists with the city. The areas that I visited combined have a moderate level of species richness, which I did not expect because of the bad weather that was present during my visit.

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