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April 17, 2019

Saturday at Clove Lakes Park

Explore Clove Lakes Park with the Urban Park Rangers for a moderate intensity nature hike. Meet at Park Drive and Clove Rd. at 11 am and hike until 12:30.

For more info:

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April 22, 2019

Saturday at Clay Pit Pond State Park

Explore Clay Pit Pond State Park with the state park rangers and record what you find for iNaturalist. Runs from 10-1 on Saturday, April 27 at Clay Pit Ponds Interpretive Center, 83 Nielsen Ave., Staten Island. Clay Pit Ponds is the only New York State Park on Staten Island.

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April 25, 2019

One More Day

The City Nature Challenge starts tonight at midnight! Who will be the first to post an observation and what will it be? I can't wait to find out!


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City Nature Challenge 2019

Tomorrow is the first day of the CNC 2019 (and I'll be stuck in NJ on rescue squad duty). I'm leading Staten Island this year and can't wait to see how we (and NYC) do.

I will be hosting three meet ups during the challenge:

Saturday at 10 am in Great Kills
Sunday at 10 am at Conference House
and Monday at 10 am at Ocean Breeze

details here:

If you are in the area, please come join us! Or get out to your closest city and make some observations.

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April 26, 2019

First Observation

And we have our first observation! Congratulations to @cbarron for the first Staten Island observation of the year at 9:16, an orange jewelweed in Clove Lakes Park!

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April 27, 2019

Friday evening

A big thank you to @cbarron who made 27 of Staten Island's 29 observations today, and also to @jfreedman81 and @jessica216 for coming out and observing as well.

We are currently beating Brooklyn in average number of observations per observer, and we are far and away the top borough in percentage of observations at research grade (83%).

@cbarron found our most interesting observation of the day: the only sessile bellwort (Uvularia sessilifolia) found so far this year in NYC.

I'm looking forward to joining you all for a fantastic day of observing tomorrow. Come down to Great Kills and join me at 10, try out one of the 4 other iNaturalist gatherings in the borough tomorrow, or just get out their on your own and observe.

We have more biodiversity than any other borough, come on out Staten Island and observe it!

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April 28, 2019


Congrats, Staten Island! With only 17 observers we are third overall in number of observations, beating out both Brooklyn and Queens! Way to go!

A big thank you to @lynalew who made 22 observations Friday over at the Greenbelt Nature Center, along with one from @Jessica216.

Also thanks to @cbarron, @nicole48 and @ehrlacker for covering Clove Hill Park with another 27 observations today.

@marchij and @tccaviness were over in Fresh Kills, and @jessica216, @sunshinebabe , @anastasiazhe , and @cassandracolosi all made observations in various locations today.

Last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to @dorigerber, @sadawolk ,@margela , and @cbarron who all joined me in Great Kills and most later Blue Heron Parks and together we made 1,116 observations. Wow!

Tomorrow we will be meeting up at Conference House Park at 10, please feel free to join us. Or check out one of the dozens of other excellent parks on the island. Don't let the possible rain keep you away, get out there and observe!


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April 29, 2019


Over 2000 observations and counting! Despite having only 26 observers we are beating Brooklyn (who had over 100) in both number of observations and number of species. And I know there are a good number of observations from the day that are not yet uploaded.

Newly uploaded from previous days, thanks to @crickernature who did Clay Pit Pond on Friday; @donrecklies who did Seidenburg on Friday and Willowbrook Saturday; and @pawelp who was up in High Rock on Saturday.

Thank you to @carolinaperez1 who observed up by the ferry terminal; @cbarron who did the tidal marshes over by Bridge, Old Place, and Sawmill Creeks; @pawelp who did Reeds Basket Willow Park; @klodonnell who did Mt. Loretto and joined @tonycullen, @dendroica, @schoenitz and me at Conference House Park. We also did High Rocks, though without Kelly.

One more day to go! I'll be at Ocean Breeze (corner of Mason and Benton Aves) today at 10. Come join me, or set out on your own, but get out and observe and help Staten Island (and NYC) win this City Nature Challenge!


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