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08 de octubre de 2022

New Project!

Hello everyone! I started this project and entered Chautauqua Bottoms into iNat's system because I believe it deserves to be showcased on iNat. It has so much life and beauty so I hope this could encourage people to go there and experience it as well as document some of the organisms there. While I will go through and add observations to the project when I can, I would love for more people to join and help out :)

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Hello everyone! I was wondering if you guys think I should limit the project to just observations from members or if I should keep it how it is now. Let me know what you think!

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10 de octubre de 2022

Southern IL Project

I thought it would be a good idea to add some of the preserves and parks I frequent in Southern IL to iNat's system because they're gorgeous and deserve more appreciation, plus it will make it easier for people to add observations from those places to iNat. Along with this I'm making a few projects for some of those places to showcase the biodiversity, so please join if you want! :)

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