This is the list of species I documented in my floristic inventory of Orchard Knob Reservation in Chattanooga, TN (published in 2019).

Abstract: Orchard Knob is a 2.5 ha National Military Park near downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. This historic site protects a bubble of limestone glade and xeric limestone prairie habitat in an otherwise heavily developed, urban area. A floristic survey was conducted across two growing seasons, yielding 212 taxa across 152 genera and 58 families. Seventy-four non-native taxa were documented, about 35% of the total flora. Six rare, state-ranked species were documented: Baptisia australis var. abberans, Clematis fremontii, Hypericum dolabriforme, Packera paupercula var. appalachiana, Symphyotrichum ericoides var. ericoides, and Viola egglestonii. The authors also created a distribution map of the 339 Clematis fremontii individuals at the site. Our findings demonstrate that Orchard Knob, though small, protects a vital remnant of Chattanooga’s now rare grassland habitat, and thus must be protected in perpetuity through careful management.