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Southern Indiana.

All butterfly observations are from a ten acre location where I’ve lived in Brown County, Indiana for 30 years. The location is primarily a mix of mesic upland and dry-mesic upland forest. I’m performing an informal inventory, of sorts, in order to provide a snapshot for future reference. As of July, 2024, I’ve verifiably observed 53 butterfly species here. Most of the observations are from a partially-open ridge that runs through the area. The observed species have been consistent with the larval host plants that are available.

Some of the less-commonly reported species for Indiana (based on iNaturalist statistics) include: Eastern Pine Elfin, Henry’s Elfin, West Virginia White, Red-Banded Hairstreak, Falcate Orangetip, and Pepper and Salt Skipper.

Some common Indiana species I haven’t observed here include Red-Spotted Purple, Viceroy, and Hackberry Emperor. Their preferred larval host plants are not common in the area. There are ~60 species of woody plants growing in this location, but no willows due to the upland terrain, and only one poplar tree and one Hackberry tree.

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