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Hi, I love hiking, exploring, and learning about the desert. My favorite animals to see are bighorn sheep, desert tortoises, and rattlesnakes. But I love all desert animals!!! I also love looking for wildflowers and taking pictures of birds and their feathers.

I grew up going to the Colorado River with my family during the summertime. Seeing the wild burros, horses, even a cow one time, and another time a deer, just blew my mind that these large animals could survive in the desert and come to the river for water. There’s a couple old, abandoned buildings out there that are so cool to explore. The ruins are part of that rugged desert landscape - a mystery what those buildings once were. Everything in the desert can seem like a mystery. That’s where I got my love for the desert.

In 2007 or 2008 my family and I were coming back from the river and driving through Anza Borrego Desert State Park. We saw 2 rams on the hill side next to the highway in the hot summer afternoon, those were the first two bighorn sheep I ever saw and from that day on I researched and read online all about bighorn sheep, haha I thought they were the coolest (I still do.) One of my favorite bighorn sheep memories is another time at Anza-Borrego in spring 2017 when I saw a herd of 20. It was 10 rams and 10 ewes. I sat patiently, super far away, I couldn’t even get a good picture of them on my zoom-in camera they were that far away. When slowly, all the rams came heading my way, grazing with their heads down and moving closer and closer. Pretty soon I could hear all of them chewing and get amazing photos of them on my cellphone - they were that close. I was so happy. Bighorn sheep are my favorite animals because they are the icon of the landscape that I love so much.

Death Valley National Park doesn’t seem to have a whole lot recorded on iNaturalist. So I enjoy going out and finding things and learning about the park that way. One thing I’m amateurally/as a hobby doing is trying to find all the areas that Panamint rattlesnakes live within the park. The lowest elevation I’ve seen them at is 3,000 feet but I’ve heard of sightings at sea level. I don’t think there’s one rosy boa observation on iNaturalist for Death Valley, but I’ve heard of someone seeing one in the park before, so that’s a personal goal I have is to find one (if they do live out here). I haven’t seen a king snake here yet so that’s another one I hope to see. Tortoises are pretty rare in the park as well, so I enjoy going out and looking for them too. Lately I’ve also grown an admiration for birds of prey like red-tailed hawks and owls. I enjoy learning about bats. Mainly I just love hearing about or seeing for myself the odd places/unlikely elevations wildlife shows up in Death Valley.

I don’t know much about photography or how to use a camera in depth, but I enjoy taking pictures of plants and wildlife. I always have my cellphone and 2013 Canon camera at my side and ready for a spur of the moment wildlife photo. This app is so cool to learn about plants and animals.

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