Mohammad Amin Ghaffari

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In Science We Trust

-Master of 'Planning Tourism Development'
-TA for 'Ecology of Iran' at University of Science and Culture
-Content Creator on YouTube
-Country Coordinator of Iran at National Moth Week Project
-Environmental Award Winner
-Experienced Several Conservation Projects (Mostly Sea Turtles)
-Editorial Board at Zist Sepehr Journal
-Member of the Iranian Birding Club
-Ex-member of the Iranian Herpetology Institute
-Interested in Zoology (with an emphasis on Lepidopterology, Herpetology and Ornithology)
-Co-Author of "Biodiversity of Zaribar Wetland"
-Wildlife Tour Guide & Wildlife Photographer based in Iran
-I Speak in Farsi, Tajiki, Kurdish, English, (Currently Learning Arabic, My Next Target Language Is Spanish)

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