Diego Tamayo

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I'm a Certified California Naturalist, with self-taught professional experience in various capacities in ecology, sustainability, and conservation. Through these experiences and lessons, I have gained strong knowledge, appreciation, and love for nature!

Ever since beautiful Monterey, California influenced me as a young child at age 6, my deep love for nature, the environment, and conservation has only grown, and now is being used to help create positive change. Currently I manage a California native garden, participate in gardening projects & cleanups, and attend conservation-oriented meetings for environmental policy action. Notably, I was an attendee at the 2018 CNPS Conference in Los Angeles. In addition, I'm an active member of the Diamond Bar-Pomona Valley Sierra Club Task Force, working to preserve biodiversity and incorporate Diamond Bar's natural history into our communities through education and legal advocacy.

Back when I moved into Diamond Bar, CA at age 9, I thought the dry, golden hills of Southern California were a wasteland, and I still regret that way of thinking to this day. Not long after the move, I was educated and discovered the biodiversity of the hills abounding my homeland, then I was in love with the nature surrounding my family and I! That proved to us that Nature is everywhere, and we still stand on Nature's side, whenever we vote for politicians, volunteer at events, or make sustainable choices at home.

In mid-March 2017, I was tasked with surveying the ecosystems of Diamond Bar, as part of the duties for the Save Tres Hermanos movement. My goal was to use a site which had dynamics including people from the whole LA region, with direct and effective communication between observers, and outreach opportunities for Diamond Bar itself. As it turned out, iNaturalist is the wonderful destination I use for supporting this cause.

Thank you, and have a good day today!

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