Cecelia Alexander Curador

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I am originally from Indiana. I started out interested in herps (and still am) but was subverted by botany courses at Indiana University. I then went to New Mexico State University for grad school, working on the taxonomy of Boechera and Thysanocarpus with Donovan Bailey. I held miscellaneous positions (ecology field crew, herbarium curator, adjunct faculty) for a few years and was a BLM botanist in Las Cruces for about 8 years. I'm currently an ecologist with the BLM's National Operations Center. I have traveled extensively in southern New Mexico and know the plants here well. I have an excel spreadsheet with ca. 135,000 plant observations at ca. 7200 sites and a pile of ca. 13,000 plant photographs. I also have a website (polyploid.net) and a flickr account (flickr.com/aspidoscelis) and have contributed images on SEINet.

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