Abhishek Jamalabad

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All-round nature enthusiast, partial to marine invertebrates here on iNaturalist.

I have played a part in setting up and managing three citizen-driven intertidal biodiversity projects in India, including their field activities and outreach -

Outside of iNat, my work (previous and current) includes cetacean ecology, reef biodiversity and reef health assessments, and fishery surveys at sea and on land, mostly on the west coast of India. Besides my naturalist inclinations, I am also very interested in how people perceive and interact with marine habitats and ecosystems, and how some of those perceptions and interactions could be leveraged for good in a time when many of these ecosystems are in grave danger. In my spare time, I have been a part of amphibian survey teams in the Western Ghats of southern India. I am also a (rather laidback) birdwatcher, and am very slowly learning more about the plants and fungi around me. I have also worked on nature education and conservation outreach initiatives, mostly pertaining to marine and coastal ecosystems.

Feel free to reach out to me for any of the above things, and I'll do my best to either help or find you help.

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