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I'm a young naturalist and nature photographer living in Berlin, Germany. I'll observe and photograph just about anything I can find, but my main focus recently has been on smaller arthropods, particularly springtails. I try and ID springtail observations on here whenever I can, feel free to tag me in any springtail observations and I'll try and identify them. I also really like spiders and other arthropods, and will observe just about anything I can get in front of my camera.

I love macro photography, currently I only post my photos on Instagram (, but I plan to work on a website in the next little while. Since early 2024 I also have a YouTube channel all about macro photography:

I have been organizing the City Nature Challenge for Berlin since 2021, and am a volunteer in the Citizen Science Team at the Berlin Natural History Museum where I help on excursions and guided tours as well as coordinating the City Nature Challenge.

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