Argyl Houser

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I got hooked on nature in the woods of Washtenaw County, Michigan, north and west of Ann Arbor before much of that area was overrun by subdivisions, and camping in northern Michigan and Ontario when I was a kid. Later I lived in Seattle, western Massachusetts and northern Idaho before I settled in Southern California, where I live now, 12 miles from downtown LA, but just 1 mile from the Angeles National Forest. Everywhere I've lived, I've spent a good bit of time messing around outdoors including a lot of hiking in the Cascades, Olympics and Wallowas of Washington and Oregon and the Selkirks and other ranges of northern Idaho. Recently, I started taking a walk or hike every day, taking pictures of whatever interesting plants or animals I come across and posting those images here. I love looking at other people's iNaturalist observations and I'm learning new things every day.

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