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My name is Armando, I am engineer agronomist forestry work several years in the Natural Protected Area of Flora and Fauna forest La Primavera. The wealth of flora and fauna that you find yourself in this place is amazing. Then enter to the Secretary of development Rural (SEDER), to charge of the nursery state them Colomos encouraging the production of species forest native of Mexico. In the prevention and fighting of fires forest, reforestation, conservation of soils. Currently work in the Secretariat of environment and development Territorial (SEMADET) in the direction General of conservation and biodiversity, affiliated to the address of Areas protected and species priority, where is involve them Areas protected of the State, wetlands and sites Ramsar. I am fond of photography of flora and fauna silvestre and thereby have the oportinidad to show the beauty and richness that exists in our State, and in turn create awareness of the importance of conservation and protection of our forests.

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