John Brush

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I mostly use iNaturalist for entering observations of insects, plants, and herps, but when I get bird photos I'll put them up as well. I have begun to really enjoy adding annotations to observations (especially for plant phenology), and look forward to seeing how that system grows. iNaturalist is all around wonderful and has helped me expand my nature knowledge far beyond what I would have otherwise - it's great to learn from other naturalists around the world.

I currently work as the Urban Ecologist at Quinta Mazatlan in McAllen, TX, and accordingly many of my observations are from there. I have been a local co-organizer of the City Nature Challenge: Lower Rio Grande Valley since 2019, and I hope to continue in that role for some time!

Check out the LRGV Plant Phenology Projects!

"Reporting from the origin of sorcery and sin..."

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