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Mainly interested in fungi, but also a big plant lover.
Upload lots of sedges and insects, and sea life that I'm not all that familiar with. Always appreciate suggestions on those, as my specialties are plenty big and broad on their own.
Always like spending time in nature, this website lets me feel like I'm giving back. Even with minor data points.

Currently on a bit of a lichens and bryophytes kick for the winter. More clueless on the bryophytes. But I'm trying to sample something from every family of mosses and liverworts that I can find commonly so that I can get an idea of which families are easier/more difficult to work with, and then I'll dive deeper into the families which seem more approachable.

Just gonna squeeze a shoutout here. Very helpful when determining plant galls.

Recently took up herbarium specimen collection as a museum volunteer. most bryophytes I pick at will be deposited for science. My microscope has more minimum zoom than my eyepiece as a minimum, so some of my scope photos may be broken up into parts until I can solve that.

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