Benjamin J. Dion

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I am a botanist at the Catalina Island Conservancy on Santa Catalina Island, California.

I specialize in invasive plant management and ecological restoration. I am also the curator of the CATA vascular plant herbarium.

I am the creator of and leading contributor to the projects "Invasive Plants of Santa Catalina Island" and "Fungi of Santa Catalina Island".

We use the "Invasive Plants of Santa Catalina Island" project for educational purposes and for EDRR (early detection rapid response) of our top target species that we wish to eradicate from the island in the short-term.

I use the "Fungi of Santa Catalina Island" project to document fungi species and to explore the possibility that undocumented species may be lurking beneath or on our endemic plant species.

To prevent the introduction of invasive plants and pests/diseases, please brush your boots and clean your gear before hiking into the wildlands of Catalina. Clean soles with isopropyl alcohol to prevent the spread of Phytophthora. Stop by the Conservancy's new Trailhead building in Avalon and buy a Catalina Conservancy boot brush!

Tag me @bjdion for help with mushroom and plant IDs (note: I'm useless at identifying pretty much anything else).

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