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Naturalist, biologist, writer, photographer, and guide of the Appalachian Mountains. This semester, I'm completing my studies in undergraduate Biology at East Tennessee State University, along with some continued naturalist guiding with local organizations. Sometimes, you can find me roaming around or working somewhere else, particularly South America, the swamps of the Southeastern U.S., or boreal forests.

Disciplines I have experience participating in include mostly terrestrial, ecology-focused pursuits. They include ethnobiology, invertebrates (especially obscure groups like land snails, spiders, and myriapods, but also insects), field botany, herps, mammals (gray wolves, etc.), birds, and fungi. Please feel free to reach out and ask questions if you're interested in any of my observations. iNat has been a wonderful resource for me to connect with some amazing people, so thank you all for making this community great.

Additionally, I'm a bluegrass musician and avid purveyor of native and heirloom plants, especially those that can be cultivated to support humans as well as the greater living systems we're part of.

Check out my Instagram page to read the story behind some of my observations:

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