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Avid naturalist, writer, "mountain man," and philopatric denizen of the Southern Appalachians. Biologist studying at East Tennessee State University as a Roan Scholar, but you may often find me wandering around elsewhere searching for animals, plants, fungi, etc.

The Blue Ridge Discovery Center is awesome, and the privilege of working with this amazing natural history outpost in Southwest Virginia has changed, and continues to change, the course of my life. Roan Mountain is also a foundational place I care deeply about, and I have been exploring the mountains and Upper Tennessee river valleys surrounding the two since birth.

I love searching for and learning about new species and habitats on all scales, but I also really appreciate place-based nature study. I've developed a semi-formal method to my madness I call the "holler mentality;" valuing and utilizing modern and traditional ecological knowledge from various sources, to deeply and intentionally observe and interact with species and landforms on the basis of their phenology, dynamic biological changes, and overall natural history on an intimate basis, appreciating members of natural systems as "friends" rather than "frontier." Especially, when this mentality can be exercised in a familiar and cherished area similar to the Appalachian hollows, or cove forests, that often signify more peaceful and interconnected systems where humans and nature have never been self-destructively torn apart.

Check out my Instagram "natural history outreach" page to read the story behind some of my observations:

Here's another link to my blog, "The Backwoods Resurgence," which is probably a bit more mission-driven than Instagram, featuring longer, more conceptual articles about not only ecology, but tales of interconnectedness in the form of expeditions, saunters, and even other cool stuff such as bushcraft and utilitarian tips for exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains, and whatever else I feel like talking about (personal blogs feel very freeing):

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