David White

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Hi I am Tour guide on the Daintree river Far North Queensland Australia.

I own and operate a solar electric boat for the last 24 years. I am an avid nature lover and amateur photographer. I rarely get away from work so all my observations are within a day’s radius of the Daintree river. I have no formal qualifications but I am an avid observer of nature and use photography and videos to keep records. I also am involved in Wild life rescue and in my spare time make art from recycled rubbish. My main love is the saltwater crocodile, a species that is so demonised and most misunderstood but is an evolutionary masterpiece. For the last 24 years I have been watching the interactions of the same crocs and have come to know them really well. Their social behaviour is what interests me most. Because I am at work so much 6-7 days a week 52 weeks a year it gives me plenty of opportunity to be in nature.

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