Clint Josol

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Flashbacks to Plant Anatomy
Professor K. Simonin: "[redacted] xylem cells are dead at maturity [redacted]"
Clint Josol: [mind-whispers] album name

Emerged in Santa Clara, CA. Cultivated in Milpitas, CA. Graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.S. in Botany in 2019. Interned at the Presidio with NPS / Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy in 2018, Worked at SFSU Greenhouses [RIPower Old Greenhouse], Volunteered at Native Plant Nurseries around the Bay Area and with the Presidio Trust, Worked at San Francisco Botanical Garden as the "Garden Fellow" with one of my main projects being to update and document the health and status / existence of rare and endangered CA native specimens in collection in preparation for major renovations. (Covid-19 pandemic decided to cancel that). Did a summer 2022 gig as a botanical field technician doing botanical surveys in the El Dorado National Forest. Sold cheese for Bezos Inc. for 4 years. Worked at Savers Thrift Store for 4 years before that. Currently a native plant nursery technician at the Marin Headlands Native Plant Nursery with the GGNPC. I swear this isn't my cover letter.

Got an affinity for native plants, in particular rare and endangered species.

Yes I know verbascum ain't native, but that is literally me as plant

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