Dean Thompson

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I have enjoyed a long scientific research career studying human impacts on Canadian forest ecosystems and associated wildlife with a particular focus on organisms which tend to hang out at the terrestrial/aquatic interface or in forest wetlands. Since retiring, I spend much more time travelling and trying to capture the ever elusive perfect image of an animal in its natural habitat. I greatly appreciate the amazing bioacoustics and colourful natural theatres I tend to find myself in. The iNat system is an excellent mechanism for cataloging observations, contributing to citizen science and as a means of assuring accurate identifications. I want to thank the incredible community of individuals contributing their time and expert knowledge into this system (and for correcting all my mistakes). Ultimately , I'm very hopeful that all of our collective efforts will translate into greater appreciation, understanding and conservation of wildlife and natural healthy ecosystems. We only have one blue marble to play with, best we take care of it.

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