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I am an amateur herpetologist and a student at Stockton University studying ecology and physiology. I am currently working on a presence/ absence survey of Pine Barrens Herpetofauna on active agriculture lands to determine their impact and how species utilize man made habitats.

I primarily herp in the NY/ NJ/ PA/ DE area and my main focus is on the Lacerta and Anole family of lizards here in the United States. I mostly focus on the Italian Wall Lizards (Podarcis siculus) and its sub-species siculus and campestris as well as its sister species Podarcis muralis, ssp maculiventris. I love to travel, almost always herp related. Besides the Lacertas I am vary fimilar with Florida's ecology and herpetofauna, especially when it comes to their non-native lizard populations.
Feel free to tag me in any observations related to Lacertas, NJ/ NY/ PA herps, FL Herps or anything else you might find. If I cant ID, Ill tag someone who can.
Good Luck and enjoy the outdoors.

2024 Species Goal List
Eastern Hognose
Jersey Corn Snake
Wood Turtle
Bog Turtle
Blue Salamander
Spiny Softshell

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