Eddie Dunbar

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My day job is as an analyst for a GIS-based maintenance management app (Cityworks) in Oakland Public Works. During evenings, weekends, vacations and the hours in between I head the Insect Sciences Museum of California, based in Oakland. My interest in entomology began about 1971. My professional pursuit began in 1988. I have created entomological displays and science education curriculum for the University of California Berkeley and headed up entomology outreach for orgs including Mills College, Oakland Unified School District, Alameda County's First 5 Initiative (CalSAC) and Oakland Parks & Recreation. At ISMC I help citizen scientists to find ways to express their nature and science talents through dozens of cool projects. ISMC invites the public to help photograph and write "Insects of the San Francisco Bay Area" - a field guide using lots of resources from iNat and BugGuide. I am author of "Lake Merritt and Greater Oakland Insects" (revised 2013) and "Insects of the San Francisco Bay Area" (1997 website) by University of California Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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