Esther Rodriguez Peterson

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Growing up on my family's apple orchard in southwest Wisconsin, I spent my days immersed in nature. Surrounded by blossoming trees and the hum of bees, I developed a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the vital roles that various species play. Homeschooled on the orchard, I had the freedom to explore and learn directly from the natural world around me.

Despite my unconventional early education, I went on to complete my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology with a minor in Neuroscience in 2021. Fascinated by the interconnected and essential (or detrimental) roles of every species within an ecosystem, I have found it difficult to limit myself to one particular subject or job description. My career has included roles ranging from Apple Orchard Manager, to Direct Support Professional for children with extraordinary neurological and behavior disorders, to Wildlife Technician and Range Technician. Currently, I serve as a Habitat Specialist for the state of Montana, a role that includes a little of everything I'm looking for.

I enjoy documenting the diverse flora and fauna I encounter on the job. While my identifications may not always be perfect, I love the learning process and value the insights from others.

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