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I'm a lifelong observer of wildlife and natural history. I was fortunate to attend college in Charleston, SC, a city with a rich tradition of Natural History that goes back a 2 centuries. My advisor was noted herpetologist Dr. Julian R. Harrison. So while I may have a slight tilt towards reptiles and amphibians, it is not past me to be a a rabid nature enthusiast of all species.

In 2010, we purchased a rain forest property near Golfito, Costa Rica. It goes without saying that its is the perfect place to continue to observe wildlife. We have been involved in several Camera Trap Projects over the years and were the first to broadcast instant trail camera images out of Costa Rica via the Instant Wild app. I also started a snake education project by distributing laminated ID pages of the local venomous snakes and large non venomous snakes that are often killed by mistaken identity.

In 2012, we started the Ocho Verde Wildlife Channel on Youtube to share our adventures with friends and family. Some of the videos became quite popular, so I have continued to make short wildlife videos about our observations wherever we are.

My wife, Kate, Laughing Falcon on iNaturalist, I still live and observe in Charleston.

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