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I was born a naturalist!
Interested in all animal forms for as long as I can remember, I "specialized" in fishes many years ago through fishkeeping and aquarium photography, and kept a keen interest until I graduated in Systematics at the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris. After that I had to choose another career path, but although there were times when I was interested in other animal groups as well, this interest for fish was always stronger. It grew even more when I started scuba diving in 2009, allowing me to photograph them in their habitat. As a result, I also started focusing more on reef fishes, and mainly the Indo-Pacific species.

I try to collaborate with a few popular marine life sites (,,,, when I have time to help identifying fishes, or by sharing my photos, and post my photos on Flickr (

Other popular websites also use my photos:

My photos are also used in exhibits, magazines, books, and scientific publications (my pictures of Chromis torquata were used to describe the species).
In 2019, I wrote a book with co-author Steven Weinberg, another natural born naturalist.

Books using my photos:

  • KUITER, R. & KOZAWA, T. (2019). Cardinalfishes of the World. Aquatic Photographics & Anthis (Nexus)
  • MORALES SERRANO, N. & HERMOSO BELTRAN, M. (2023). Guia Ika Rapa Nui. Editorial Rapanui Press
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  • ROWLAND, P. & EIPPER, S. (2018). A naturalist's guide to dangerous creatures of Australia. Australian Geographic
  • WEINBERG, S. & LIBERT, F. (2018). Découvrir la vie sous-marine – Mer Rouge, océan Indien, océan Pacifique. Tome 2. Éditions GAP


Scientific publications:

  • Allen, G. R. (2018)
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