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She/her pronouns

Hi! My name is Gianna. I am an amateur naturalist in Michigan with a focused interest in native wildlife preservation.

I raise Japanese Quail and Northern Bobwhite Quail. I have been a quail breeder and owner since 2019, and recently have been interested in coturnix genetics. Quail are definetely one of my favorite kinds of birds, and I have been working on a Northern Bobwhite repopulation project.

  • I am part of the MI Vernal Pool Patrol, and enjoy adding observations through GIS of all of the species I find in our vernal pool.
  • My favorite habitats are grassland biomes, and vernal pools, but I love them all and would love to explore ones I have never been to.
  • I love collecting and ID-ing animal skulls. The Skulls and Bones project has taught me so much about bone ID, and being able to tell what an animal was by a bone is so rewarding!
  • I have a website on keeping quail and also a bunch of wildlife-related things.
    Feel free to check it out!

  • My native language is English, I am also proficient in ASL and Japanese. If I comment in a language other than English, I am probably using Google translate. (Even for Japanese because I do not have the Japanese keyboard enabled.)

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