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I'm a freelance bird guide for Portland Audubon and also other organizations, so I'm probably an expert with birds for North America and Europe. My knowledge with dragonflies and butterflies is intermediate, but I'm going out a lot and am improving. I'm clueless with bugs and other critters, but continue to learn.

I've been a member of the Oregon Bird Records Committee, a director of the Oregon Birding Association and I'm still the compiler of the Forest Grove Christmas Bird Count (have been for several years). Check me out on eBird for Washington Co, OR.

I've just started with wildflowers and plants in 2020, so I'm learning through uploading a lot of images. When I upload a wildflower/plant, my philosophy is to try my best guess. If I have none, I'll try the genus/subtribe/family ... I'm thankful for every bit of help I can get.

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