Hotel Tinamú Birding Nature Reserve

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Hotel Tinamú Birding Nature Reserve is a special place in Manizales Caldas for photography and bird watching. Located in San Peregrino village at 30 minutes from the city, in a dry forest of 15 ha. at 1.225. m.a.s.l., home to more than 200 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and a variety of plants and trees.

The preservation of the reserve started over 40 years ago thanks to the respect and love for nature of the Londoño Jaramillo family, who allowed coffee plantations and banana trees to become a semi-natural forest, supporting reforestation by planting trees and flowers achieving to attract a high density of wildlife to an oasis in the middle of agricultural mountains.

The interest for biodiversity in avifauna generated the inclusion of the reserve in the Plan Alto circle from 2005 with the Christmas holidays bird census led by the Caldense Ornithological Society, and then to participate in Global Big Day organized by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

In 2014 and in order to share this natural wealth, facilities were adapted to allow birdwatchers, ornithologists, and nature lovers around the world, to live unforgettable experiences through photography and bird watching, with a high-end product for birding and great recognition in the country.

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