Faith L.

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USFWS/SCA Great Plains Pollinator Intern
UNT Honors Biology 2023 Graduate
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I would love to thank @baxter-slye and @sarahparoski for introducing me to iNaturalist. Originally using it as a tool for @baxter-slye's ecology lab, iNaturalist has allowed me to discover my passion for invertebrates (particularly insects)! Systematic entomology is something I would love to pursue in a graduate or professional setting :>

At the moment I am trying to document as many arthropods as I see while conducting fieldwork at various monument/refuge sites in northeastern New Mexico, as I have noticed this area has not received a lot of arthropod documentation. I will try to refine my IDs (and get back to identification in general) once the fieldwork wraps up in the fall!

Microscope: TOMLOV digital Microscope TM-DM9 (gifted)
Macrolens: Xenvo Pro Macrolens for phone (bought secondhand off eBay)

My other account is @friends_of_fayff ! I upload any fellas my friends have spotted here :)

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