Jackson W.F. Chu

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My day job title is Research Scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. My research has a broad spectrum focus on marine biodiversity. A big part of my day job has included mapping and monitoring the wildlife we find in our oceans. I've used a lot of cameras to collect 'data' for my various marine biodiversity projects which I'm slowly uploading to iNaturalist.

I'm mostly using iNaturalist as a companion to my photography hobby. I've really found iNaturalist as a great tool to help me expand my knowledge of wildlife beyond the boundaries of my deep-sea bubble. Practicing how to ID the flora and fauna around you is definitely a lifelong learning experience that iNaturalist has made a little easier!

Research Scientist | Marine Biodiversity | Benthic Ecology | Deep sea | Northeast Pacific Ocean | Salish Sea | Twitter: @jwfchu | camera kit

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