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To me, part of being down-to-earth means realizing what an unnecessary hindrance and complication shoes can be.

No enchanted forest is complete without the mesmerizing singing of a wood thrush. My opinion about its wonderfulness just aligns with what everyone already knows, therefore people accept me as sincere, but it's not always like that when I talk of certain other birds. So, just to be clear:

When I say I think common grackles have beautiful songs and turkey vultures are cute, I mean it!

thank you

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Let's face facts:
All roses are thornless.
There's only one kind of nut in mixed nuts.
If you want to add berries to a fruit smoothie, eggplant is a better choice than strawberry.

So, he was all like "NeedsID" and she was like "HaveID" and I was like "Cool, we should do this more often."

Anyone who identifies themselves as a bean transcription specialist, details please.

Life goal: find a philosophy that I am comfortable living by in time to live by it.

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