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As a child, I was fascinated with nature and I loved finding fossils and animals with my twin brother, Bernat (@bernatree). In 2007, when I was 17 I did my first serious research project on spiders. I found 100+ species of spiders at a "National Park" close to Barcelona (Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l'Empordà). You can find my published research (in Catalan) here:
Note that the photographic album is missing. Hopefully in the near future, I find time to upload the pictures, here in iNaturalist, of the spiders that I found during that summer (2007).

After that project I studied BSc in physics, focusing in theoretical and mathematical physics first and then I did experimental quantum biophysics, at Vienna University. I published a couple of papers in the field of biophysics. One study was on the limits of human vision ( and another was on a physical model for migratory birds magnetoreception (

In 2016, I left the academic world and I created "prototype" app to identify bird songs; a kind of Shazam for birds using machine learning (still under development). Currently, I work as an IT consultant. But I still enjoy discovering new species wherever I go. Some of my findings are published on my Instagram account: @jofreep

In the future, I would like to dedicate more time on trying to preserve our planet's biodiversity.

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